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Internal Caulking


  • Caulking of Bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, powder rooms, balconies
  • Caulking of staircase
  • Caulking of ceramic and porcelain tiling.
  • Caulking of Natural and man made stone.
  • Caulking of skirting boards.
  • Caulking of joinery.
  • Caulking of window frames.
  • Removal and repairing of existing caulking..
  • Caulking of tile expansion joints.
  • Removal of silicone
  • Plus many more General caulking and gap sealing applications.
    Using Grout alone to fill tiling joins not only lacks that finished look that you achieve from caulking but it can come with serious consequences. Without caulking grout in the corners of tiling can crack and break away leaving voids where water may penetrate beneath and affect the glue that holds tiles in place, this can cause the tiles to become loose and pop, water can then make its way through to the membrane and beyond which can be a serious problem.
    Caulking of skirting boards to flooring be it timber, concrete, vinyl, tiles, etc is important not only because it improves the appearance of the overall job but it protects the skirting’s from liquids getting beneath them it also makes floors easier to clean and stops insects and vermin from hiding under them.
    As with skirting boards it is important to caulk your cupboards to the floor to stop insects and liquids from getting underneath also for an improved appearance we recommend caulking the cupboards to the walls with silicone rather than acrylic sealants which your painter or cabinet maker will use as they crack very easily and leave a terrible joint.
    Caulking around window and door frames allows for the frames to stay firm, stops insects, noise, air and dust from entering also it improves the appearance of the overall job.


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External Caulking


  • Window frames/Door Frames
  • Porches/alfresco
  • Brick/block/concrete panel expansion joints
  • concrete saw cuts
    Caulking of window frames externally is one of the most commonly overlooked caulking jobs until it rains and a leak is discovered. Don’t wait till you discover damp walls or carpet, swollen rotting floor boards, or mouldy smelly timber frames to caulk your windows.
    We use  Hypercryl 363 Acrylic Latex Sealant  to caulk expansion joints.

    We carry all available colors in Hypercryl Acrylic Latex Sealant  and are happy to let you or your appointed person choose the best color for your project.